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Kustom Install

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Premium Home Theater Video and Audio Systems

5.1 / 7.2 / 9.2 & 11.2 Home Theater Sound Systems


Home Theater designers who are happy to assist clients choosing the finest equipment that delivers the optimum cost to a performance ratio suitable for any kind of project. Experienced home theater experts will help matching the right equipment, with the correct specifications considering all the unique room dimensions, acoustics, seating positioning, soundproofing and electronic interior design for your project. After all, we proudly can say that Kustom is one of the few audio and video companies that have designed, integrated and set up hundreds of Home Theater systems in the Las Vegas area since 1993.

Furthermore, try breaking the boundaries of television screen sizes by making a High-Definition Video Projector the star of your show. See the movie exactly how the director intend you view it-in a wider format.

Professional TV Wall Mounting & SoundBars

We mount Plasma/LCD/LED and OLED flat screen televisions on a variety of surfaces.


It's amazing how just updating the small detail of adding great sound with a sound bar to your home theater can take your viewing experience from good to fantastic.  

Outdoor Audio and Video Systems

Did you know that bringing your audio and video capabilities to the great outdoors can dramatically increase your living space? More and more homeowners are beginning to see the value and benefit of outdoor living. For many the yard is just as much of a place to live and relax as the living room. Having Audio and Video in your yard is a wonderful way to up to your utilization of the great outdoors.

Finally, A Smarter Way to Wi-Fi for Steaming Music / HD Movies

 Wi-Fi in Every Corner

Do  you struggle with endless buffering, dead spots or weak signals  throughout your home or small office? Eliminate your Wi-Fi woes by  placing Mesh router pods around your home, wherever you want, to create a  single, Whole-Home Mesh Network. 

Get  connected and stay connected. Mesh system’s  technology uses  smart sensors that automatically detect and adjust your connection  quality while it blankets your home or business in reliable wireless for full coverage in every corner.

Tired of multiple Remotes Controls ?

 A touch screen Smart Remote  is designed and programed precisely to your needs. Your  home's sub-systems are controlled behind cabinet doors with a  single  intuitive hand held. No more piles of remote controls with tiny  buttons to navigate.


Want those electrical cords and ugly cable boxes out of sight? Kustom Install can make all these and your speakers "disappear".

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