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Mark & Tobi H.


Square Customer Service 5 star rating 5/28/2019

Doug is amazing. He is a perfectionist I will need him to do a few other things. 

Thanks very much!


Mark & Trish A.

Square Customer Service 5 star rating 8/23/2018 

Doug has been to our home several times to install and repair our WiFi, surround sound, universal remote etc. He is always on time, explains what he is doing and he is very knowledgeable. 


Adel S.

Yelp 5 star rating 7/15/2018

 Doug was very knowledgeable, pleasant and on time. Installed my new system for surround sound for my TV and music for the whole house and it is working  great. Will certainly recommend to friends and family. 

Carlton C.

Yelp 5 star rating 5/31/2018

I called Doug at Kustom a couple months ago and he fixed a simple cable issue for us the very next day. At that time he gave us some great  suggestions to improve our home entertainment system. Today we had those  improvements completed and our system works great. Doug is very  knowledgeable, helpful and professional. Thanks for such great service. 

Jim D.

Yelp 5 star rating 4/26/2018

I found Kustom Install using google search. When Doug called me I was impressed that he was  more concerned with doing everything with everyone's full knowledge and consent. He was not in any hurry to push something on me. He then came and looked at my project. Doug is a very personable man and a pleasure to know.  He made an estimate and an appointment for me. Doug was right on time and was quick to mount my TV on the wall and put wires in the right place. Doug also tested my system several times to make certain that everything  was working and that it would continue to work. I will recommend Doug and Kustom Install to everyone!



Linda R.

Yelp 5 star rating 4/04/2018

 If you need a professional to do the job, call these guys.  Doug was so  knowledgeable and made our life easier with installing everything that  works with one remote!  Thanks Kustom Install. 

Kenny A.

Yelp 5 star rating 3/26/2018

We needed wires from our two TVs hidden.  We contacted Kustom Install,  and they sent Doug out to assess the situation and give us an estimate.   Estimate was more than satisfactory.  Installation was scheduled and  Doug came out and did a wonderful job.  His work was completely  professional, quick, and thorough.  We are extremely pleased with work  that was done.  We would recommend this company and especially Doug for anyone in need of this type of service. 

Cole P.

Yelp 5 star rating 2/24/2018

Very thorough in my install and knowledgeable of new sound formats that are coming to the Audio/Video world.  Doug was great and made sure everything was good to go. Couldn't have asked for a better experience. 

Dave W.

Yelp 5 star rating 1/18/2018


We found Kustom Install on Yelp when looking for quotes to install Audio/Video components and mount a TV. Doug came out to provide our quote and also did the installation work. His communication was great; always providing information and responding quickly to our questions during the process. Installation was also great; making sure everything was just right so that we would be pleased with the results. We are very happy with how everything turned out and are enjoying our new system.

Jerome J.

YELP 5 star rating 12/14/2017


Found Kustom Install on Yelp initially to  help install two soundbars and get our home theater back in operation.  Doug came to our home and at our request did a complete review of our  existing TV/audio/WiFi systems. Within a day he provided an estimate of  equipment needed and labor costs to integrate and upgrade our setup.  (Turned out  we had built in speakers which made one of the sound bars  redundant and we were able to return it for a complete refund.)

We opted for a complete upgrade including a 'mesh' WiFi setup, Roku for streaming, new remotes and several other upgrades.
After  getting our go ahead Doug ordered the equipment which took about a week  to arrive. We then scheduled an implementation date and Doug arrived  promptly.
Throughout the day Doug was extremely patient in  explaining how things were connected and how they worked. We registered  devices and removed loads of obsolete devices and cables.
We now  have a terrific setup in bedrooms, family room and basement home  theater. Everything is clean, simple to use and state of the art.

Can't  say enough good things about how pleasant it was to work with Doug. His  knowledge and experience are outstanding. He exceeded our expectations  in every way.

Gus T.

Yelp 5 star rating 12/4/2017


This was the fourth time we utilized Kustom Install and Doug's services.  Once again, Doug was very professional and his attention to detail with the installation of our security cameras was excellent!  We will continue to use Kutom Install for ALL of our Audio/Video needs.

Matt A. 

YELP 5 star rating 11/29/2017

This place rocks...  great prices on installs and great service!  Highly recommended.  Ask for Doug. 

 Kristi R. 

YELP 5 star rating 11/19/2017

Doug was amazing!  We found Kustom Install on Yelp and very thankful we did. Doug was so personable (even with our dog!) and professional. He  explained everything very clearly, did quality work, was very diligent about cleaning up. Will definitely use Doug again for future home  theater projects. We only wish he could also be our plumber,  electrician, landscaper, etc.! 

 Steven Y.

YELP 5 star rating 11/16/2017

 I had someone come in prior to Kustom Install to do the theater  installation in my basement and it was a disaster. So I called Kustom  Install and Doug came in evaluated the room and setup the appointment  and finished it in one day. I was very happy with the result and  everything was done very professionally. They covered the doorway and  the couches to make sure the dust from work don't get on the furniture  or into any other part of the house. The service was timely and hassle  free. I would recommend them to anyone who would be looking to install a  theater in their own house! 

Buck A.

Yelp 5 star rating 8/12/2017


Doug is THE MAN!!!  He is punctual, friendly and extremely knowledgeable + he's an absolute terminator when it comes to making his customers happy and getting the job done EXACTLY right!! Cannot ask for more!!!  Doug gets the job done - bottom line!!

Charles S.

Yelp 5 star rating 7/30/2017


Connected with Doug through a friend that had used him years ago to put in a Audio Visual system that I have wanted all my life.  Doug helped order the correct equipment to make our house look and sound great all at a great price.  I don't know what I would have gotten if I done things myself like I always have in the past.  Thanks Kustom Install and Doug especially for getting what I wanted and making better than I expected.

 Sara H.

YELP 5 star rating 7/14/2017

Doug did a great job mounting my 55" flat screen TV. He was very fast at  responding to my correspondences. He is very professional. He brought  all the supplies and equipment needed & cleaned up everything after  it was done. I definitely recommend these guys! 

John C.

Yelp 5 star rating 5/24/2017


The best knowledge and service I could have ever asked for after first moving to Las Vegas. These guys are fast, punctual and the price they quote you is the price they charge. Very pleased and will use them again.

 Aaron D. 

YELP 5 star rating 5/17/2017

Kustom Install did a great job mounting a TV on the wall for us. They  were on time and professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone. 

 David W. 

YELP 5 star rating 5/13/2017

Spoke with Doug about correcting a horrible install of Direct TV back in  2013 when we moved here. He referred me to check with Direct TV about upgrading my equipment to wireless as it would provide better freedom  of moving TV's around as needed and at less than the cost of him rewiring and sorting out my whole house wiring system.    

Not often, someone today declines to take your hard earned money instead of  what's best for YOU without their making a single penny!  Kustom  Install will be my go-to company for all things of this nature from now on! 

 Karen H. 

YELP 5 star rating 4/29/2017

Echoing reviews of others, Doug should be your go-to person for all  things media if you want superior service at a fair price.  He is a  tremendous resource for both guidance and implementation integrating  systems for the entire house.  Simply the best. 

Megan B.

Yelp 5 star rating 4/26/2017

Doug was great. Came out and gave us a quote (which was the cheapest of 3) and explained that the TV mount I bought wasn't the best for what we were trying to accomplish.  Offered, but didn't try to get me to buy one from him.  He explained exactly what mount to buy so that we got the outcome we were looking for.  They came back the following week and installed the TV...looks awesome...neat, clean & exactly what we wanted.  Thanks Doug!

Mary M.

YELP 5 star rating 4/11/2017


Updated review   

Doug is the complete package. He is technically talented, incredibly  neat, always on time, and never in a hurry. It seems that every time  Cox installs anything, we have to call Doug to come and put everything  back together the right way!  He is a real treasure!
Mary & Steve 

 Nicholas M. 

YELP 5 star rating 3/15/2017

Doug is a great guy, from his estimate , to ordering parts, and then install, prompt , professional and neat, theater came out great and Doug gave great input along the way that helped make a better overall outcome for My home theater, overall I'll definitely use him again for  further media and electronics for my house. If your looking for any  media needs don't hesitate to contact this company , you won't be  disappointed ! Thanks Doug 

 Judi V.

YELP 5 star rating 3/10/2017

Prompt and professional. I appreciate they didn't try and sell me an  install I didn't need. So few businesses have integrity. I highly  recommend them. 

Darryl T.

Yelp 5 star rating 3/10/2017


Doug did a awesome job. He worked fast and was very friendly.

Sharon S.

Yelp 5 star rating 2/1/2017


Doug did an excellent job in a timely fashion.  He always arrived and on TIME!   Would recommend this organization and Doug most certainly. Many thanks, I am enjoying my new Samsung 4KHDR.

Pete S.


YELP 5 star rating 1/17/2017

Excellent service. Came and looked at the job, provided a very  reasonable written estimate and completed the job very quickly. Looks  great and would use them again 


Yelp 5 star rating 12/8/2016 Updated review


Another great experience with Doug from Kustom Install!  Our TV beautifully mounted to the wall with all the necessary equipment installed.  Do not hesitate to contact Doug for any and all your install needs!

Anthony S.

Yelp 5 star rating 9/28/2016


Doug is the perfect technician .. Honest, great interpersonal skills, intelligent , and extremely knowledgeable in home theater. You won't go wrong with this company's staff.

Joe I.

Yelp rating 8/6/2016


Right on time; price as quoted; Doug was great!

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